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Birthday Wishes to Myself
last revised October 21, 2005

I'm not afraid of counting years;
         Each year is a new myth exploded.
I'm not afraid of wrinkles and gray hair;
         This body is how I navigate through the cosmos, so I try to love it and be kind.
I'm not afraid of death;
         It is only the final myth to unravel.
I'm not even afraid of the devil,
         because it is our adversary who gives us life's most precious gifts.

I'm forty-two years old and lost things are coming back:
Emails from long vanished friends
Bits of shattered faith discovered in between the cracks of the couch and under the edges of the carpet that I'm piecing together into a mosaic

New things arrive every day too:
New poems
New stories spinning out of my brain
A new sense of my place in the old story
New meaning in the ancient struggle for justice

Each year is a new crossroads.
Happy birthday to me!
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